Wheelock Academy

Near Millerton, Oklahoma, you will find the surviving components of the once flourishing Wheelock Academy, a unique symbol of almost two centuries of the Choctaw Nation’s commitment to education.

In 1832, Wheelock Academy was started by Reverend Alfred Wright, a physician and missionary. In 1839, the school began boarding girls and in 1842 it was selected as the first Choctaw National Academy and absorbed into the Choctaw National school system. The academy served as the model for the school system established by the Five Civilized Tribes. All Choctaw schools closed when the Civil War began in 1861.

After a fire in 1869, the Choctaws constructed a new academy which opened in 1884 and operated until 1955.

In 1966 the academy was declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Park Service of the US Department of Interior. One of the seven remaining buildings, LeFlore Hall, serves as the Wheelock Academy Museum. The academy is a tourist destination on the Choctaw and Chickasaw Heritage Corridor across southeast Oklahoma.

Since the year 2000 Wheelock Academy has been listed as one of America’s “eleven most endangered historic places” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is included in the federal “Save America’s Treasures” program.

For more information:

Wheelock Academy
P.O. Box 5
Millerton, OK 74750
Email Barbara Grant

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