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Horse Thief Springs Historic Site

The old rock wall and entrance gate as well as the spring structure build by enrollees from the civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s still remain. The site continues to serve as a picnic ground with tables and restrooms available for visitors. Interpretive signs reveal the rougher side of life in Indian Territory, the origin of the spring’s name, and the role of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

Horse Thief Trail, Ouachita National Recreation Trail and Billy creek Trails can be accessed here. The Ouachita Trail, open to hikers only, connects Equestrian Trail # 9 to Horse Thief Spring Trail forming a 10 mile loop on the north slope of Winding Stair Mountain. Traveling west one mile on the Ouachita Trail brings the hiker to Horse Thief Trail which travels 5 miles down through the Homer L. Johnston Management Area, to Holson Valley Road. Travel an additional mile north to Cedar Lake or from Holson Valley Road, catch Equestrian Trail # 9 and loop back 4 miles to Horse Thief Spring Historic Site. More information on these trails is available at local Ranger Stations and Visitor Information Stations.